• Bacon and Berries

    The Art of the French Aperitif


  • Sometimes the aperitifs and the company in which they're served are so perfectly paired that you might not even get to the main course.


    In France we call this an
    "Aperitif Dinatoire."

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    Spreads. Slow roasted nuts. Delicious preserves

    All of our food is made with utmost care, with strict attention paid to the quality for our ingredients.

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    We always strive for the best.

    I have a passion for Art and Good Food. I treat cooking the same way as when I prepare a painting or a piece of art. It is about color, ingredients or material, how to organize, mix them together to make something pleasing and wonderful to the eyes or to the taste buds. Both, Art and taste speak to our memories and our childhood.

    Bacon and Berries is about, homemade food made with love. Homemade means small batches which allows for best freshness and most flavor.

    Good Food is the core for a healthy life and sharing it with friends is the best you can do for a good life.